Meet increased requirements professionally.

    Identifying and placing non-exective roles.

    Just a few years ago a position on the Supervisory Board was considered to be an honor that was awarded to someone when they retired from their active working life. However, the requirements of liability laws and the Corporate Governance Code have resulted in the work of the Supervisory Board becoming increasingly professional.

    In order to continue to meet these requirements in future, Supervisory Board members not only have to be proven industry experts. Knowledge of corporate governance and control as well as a high degree of national and international experience are becoming fundamental requirements for their work.

    However, the Board of Directors should also create added value. This added value is found in having a broad knowledge of developments and challenges in retail, successful examples of best practices and an extensive network.

    Would you like to enhance your Supervisory Board with a qualified and independent retail expert?   If so, please contact us and use our excellent network of numerous top managers from retail and consumer products companies at national and international level.

    We will introduce you to qualified experts who will be able to provide you with expert help as a Supervisory Board member.